Missional Internship

Imagine moving with a team of people into a new city with the goal of reaching people with the gospel.  What would you do first?  Where would you live?  How would you raise support/pay the bills?  How are you going to declare and demonstrate the gospel?  What does good news look like to those you’re trying to reach?  Sound like?  How are you going to connect new believers to a local church?  How are you going to make disciples who make disciples?

We want to help young leaders learn how to answer these questions and more!

When most people think of an internship, they think of fetching coffee, making copies, and sitting in a cubicle.  That's not an Arise Internship!

An Arise Missional Internship is designed to be anything but boring.  In fact, we think our intern program may be one of the most unique, intense, and exciting ministry experiences of any church in the country.  You’ll be on the front-lines of ministry, discovering what it means to be the church, reaching people with the gospel, and making disciples - all as our team of missional leaders pour into you and invest in your own spiritual development.

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