We believe that children are a gift from God, and it's our job as your family to come alongside you as you raise them.  That's why we want our kids to be as involved as possible in all that we do.  We think it's important for our kids to see us living on mission, to see us living in community, to see us growing in our walk with the Lord, and even to see us in worship.

However, we also recognize that kids learn in different ways than adults as well.  While observation and imitation are important components of discipleship, we want to come alongside you and teach them in appropriate ways as well.  Below are just a few of the opportunities that will be available for children when we gather.

Missional Community

We view missional community in the same way we view extended family (except, we actually like to hang out with our missional community).  You wouldn't exclude your kids from ever seeing their aunts and uncles, and we don't want to exclude them from missional community life either.  However, that doesn't mean we include them in everything we do.  Occasionally, we feel like it's also important for us to gather without kids.  When that happens, we all chip in for childcare reimbursement.  Talk to your missional community leader about a reimbursement form.

Sunday Gathering

Birth - Kindergarden

We welcome your little one into anything we do.  However, we also provide space for them that's age appropriate where we sing songs to Jesus, tell stories, eat, and play.

1st - 5th Grade

We encourage all elementary students to join us for our musical worship.  Most weeks though, we dismiss them before the message so that they can learn how the gospel applies specifically to them and shapes their identity as children of God.

Students (Middle School & High School)

Middle school and high school students are invited to participate in all that we do.  We also hope to launch missional communities and DNA groups in the near future designed specifically for middle school and high school students.