For many of us, when we think of church, we think of a church building, gathering on Sunday mornings, singing songs, and listening to a message.  That leads us to ask questions like, "Where did you go to church today?"  Or, "How was church?"  In this mindset, church is a place we go or an event we attend. 

We think this idea would have been foreign to most of the believers in the New Testament.

What if church was more about who we are than where we go?  What if church was more about people than programs?  What if church wasn't limited to a particular piece of real estate or a particular day but intentionally declared and demonstrated the gospel everyday in every neighborhood? 

This is the dream of Arise Church.  Isaiah 60:1 says, "Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you."  Because of who Jesus is and what He did (the gospel), we want to live out our identities as a family of worshippers (community), sent out to make disciples and serve our neighbors (mission) in our everyday rhythms of life.

It won't be easy.  We know our enemy won't give up ground in our neighborhoods and community easily.  It's going to take a great deal of support - people support, financial support, and most importantly, prayer support. 

But with your help, we believe we can see a disciple-making movement spread across our city as we truly begin to love our neighbors with the love of God.  Let love ARISE!