Who We Are Because of the Gospel

In the New Testament, the word for church, ekklesia, never refers to a place or building.  Rather, it always points toward a people.  Church isn't a place we go.  It's who we are.  Said another way:

We don't go to church.  We are the church.

At Arise, we want our doing to always be rooted in our being.  What we do should be a natural expression of who we are.  So who does the Bible say we are?  Click each of the images below for more information on each and how they inform what we do as church.


We are sinners who have been made clean and united in purity to Christ. We submit to God as we love and honor Him with our lives.


We are dearly loved children adopted by God the Father.  We encourage, serve, and pray for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.


We are missionaries sent by the Spirit to be the hands and feet of Christ.  We declare and demonstrate the gospel to each other and our neighbors.